Review of Colorectal Anastomotic Leaks

An introduction lecture to Colorectal Anatomic leaks and review of  new ways of management and prevention.  

Target Audience: All surgical healthcare providers 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding etiologies behind anastomotic leaks
  • Consequences and management of leaks 
  • New techniques in leak prevention


Ashley Hodes

Ashley Hodes, MD, MBA, FACS

Dr. Hodes is a general and endocrine surgeon, and a medical director for Surgical Innovations (SI).  Dr. Hodes has wide-reaching responsibilities to the Medical Affairs group within SI which leverage her surgical clinical practice experience—she is responsible for patient safety encompassing all of SI, and product platforms (such as stapling and advanced energy).  Dr. Hodes partners with internal and external key stakeholders as a medical affairs liaison, ensuring patients safety and supporting major markets and business opportunities with her medical and clinical expertise.  Prior to joining SI, Dr. Hodes was a medical director with the Gastrointestinal and Hepatology (GIH) business since 2017.
Dr. Hodes resides in North Carolina with her family, and spends time outdoors, traveling, and enjoying the arts.


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